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Most people are very confused about the future of mankind.

If you have been searching for information about government corruption, the new world order, chemtrails, mind control, Agenda 21 or many other conspiracy theories, then I’m sure you sense something big is happening in the world today, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it. This is because these secrets have been carefully guarded for centuries – until now!

Many people may become angry or hostile as they learn about the new world order and the present power of the global elite cartels. In the beginning, very few will see or understand the master purpose of this website upon the first visit, however, most will return to learn more out of shear curiosity, as there are some very real and present dangers in the world today.

This website is intended for “truth seekers”, those that desire to learn more about government corruption, the global elite cartels, the establishment, the ‘powers that be’, the ‘State’, the three pillars of evil and ultimately – our secret owner.Only when we face the  order to help unite mankind and drive humanity forward into the super civilization that we were meant to be living in.

The Sheeples Court is the only government corruption network with the greatest purpose in the history of mankind:
The primary purpose is to expose the Illuminati secrets in order to prepare you and your loved ones for the major shift taking place on our planet right now and more importantly, what will happen after the climax on December 21, 2012 and what you can do NOW to be prepared for the most colossal event the world has ever seen.

As an intelligent civilization, we have a moral responsibility to help educate and awaken the masses (our fellow brothers and sisters), in order to accelerate and prepare for our ultimate journey into the second and final evolution of mankind: away from external authority and toward self-authority. Are you ready to take control?

By participating in thesheeplescourt.com and thesheeplestv.com you will begin the necessary de-programming of all your pre-conceived notions that have been instilled upon you since a young child, mainly through FEAR.

What is Fear? False Evidence Appearing Real

Only when you have been “De-programmed” or “Awakened” as to what is really going on and further, who really holds the power, can you then begin your ascent in to a whole new world of peace, love, prosperity and happiness that awaits all of mankind!
When you are ready, willing and able to find out how, when and where mankind’s second and final evolution will take place, you can learn more by joining The New Illuminati.

What is the N?

Download your Free Report from the website to find out!
This newly forming, global Illuminati society can provide powerful life advantages for you and your family as the greatest and final ‘transition’ or ‘evolution’ in history unfolds.

You can be safe, free, healthy and happy – even very wealthy. These are your conscious given rights available to everyone on the planet. It is your choice. You can have a future of vibrant health, happiness and prosperity, or you can experience the rapid decline of rights, liberties and freedoms along with those unaware of what is really happening in the world today.

Step forward now and begin to create your destiny and start living the life you were meant to live.

This is not a real courtroom. The written and video content provided throughout thesheeplescourt.com is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any references to making money, improved health, revolution, evolution or influencing others is purely speculation and intended to be viewed as manufactured disinformation.

Warning: Use this website at your own risk and read between the lines because you are being programmed to ascend into a whole new world of peace, love, prosperity and happiness. The super civilization that awaits the human race.

Your journey is about to begin. Get Involved and Say Something…